Lowton Ironing Parlour has become a Local Rug Cleaner Drop Off Point

Are you looking for rug cleaning services in Warrington? 

Are you looking for a Warrington Rug Cleaner at an affordable price? Then look no further as the Local Rug Cleaner team have great news, Lowton Ironing Parlour has just become a local drop off point for Warrington! Now you can take your rug cleaning needs to Lowton Ironing Parlour for a cost effective and fast clean, which promises to give you a sparkling clean result! You can find LeeAnn and the team at:

162a Newton Road, Warrington WA3 1DG

They will be more than happy to assist all their Warrington customers with their rug cleaning needs, so why not get in touch with them today on 0784 7198 354 to find out about this new cost effective service. 

How does it work

Not sure how our cheap, quick and professional rug cleaning services work? We know how daunting it can be to get your beautiful rugs cleaned, therefore we wanted to be transparent in our seven-day process:

  • Firstly, you take your rug to Lowton Ironing Parlour, where LeeAnn will measure, price and tag your rug for you, so you know how much the clean will cost.
  • The Local Rug Cleaner team will collect and take your rug to our rug spa facility where we will carefully and professionally clean your rug so it looks brand new.
  • We then return your freshly cleaned rug to your local drop off point ready for you to take it home.

Why not check out our 30 second video which explains the process: 

Key benefits of getting your rug cleaned

We set up Local Rug Cleaner as a fast rug cleaning service that will get your rug looking brand new for a low price. This family run cleaning business has been cleaning rugs for many years and has seen the many benefits of getting your rug cleaned, like: 

  1. It Extends the Life of your Rug: By getting your rug cleaned by Local Rug Cleaner, you are helping make sure that your rug stays healthier for longer by reducing the effect of current wear and tear.
  2. We Remove All Stains and Odours: This will help make your home smell and feel fresher.
  3. It Saves you Time and Stress: By trusting your rug cleaning needs with Local Rug Cleaner, you will be saving the time and stress of doing it yourself and with our cheap prices, it won’t break the bank. 

Would you like your rug to be cleaned by Local Rug Cleaner? If so, why not check out Lowton Ironing Parlour, and get in touch to learn more about our cost effective rug cleaning service.

Why did Lowton Ironing Parlour join Local Rug Cleaner? 

Lowton Ironing Parlour joined the Local Rug Cleaner family on the 17th March 2022 in order to offer their wonderful customers in Warrington a cost effective rug cleaning service. Lowton Ironing Parlour has been providing Warrington with a wide variety of food, drinks and household merchandise, and now they want to offer more. From area rugs to John Lewis rugs, we will accept any rug that needs some TLC at our rug cleaning facility. 

Why not give Lowton Ironing Parlour a call today on 0784 7198 354 to find out more about this new cheap rug cleaning service. 

Why choose Local Rug Cleaner

We understand that there are lots of Warrington rug cleaners to choose from, and you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal with the best possible service! We want to convince you about why Local Rug Cleaner is the right choice for you: 

  • Quick Return: We are proud to have an efficient rug cleaning process that makes sure your rug is returned, freshly cleaned, within seven days of it being dropped off.
  • Experienced: Our professional rug cleaners have been rug cleaning for over 25 years, so you can be reassured that we can help you with your rug cleaning needs. 
  • Family Run Business: By trusting Local Rug Cleaner with your rug cleaning needs, you’re supporting a family business who wants to provide a top service to you whilst also benefiting everyone in Warrington;
  • Transparent Pricing: We have a clear pricing structure so you know how much our rug cleaning service is going to cost, so you can make a decision before even making a call.

Do you feel more confident in Local Rug Cleaner for your rug cleaning needs? If so, then why not give Lowton Ironing Parlour a call today on 0784 7198 354 to find out more about this new and trusted rug cleaning service. 


Our rug cleaners have been cleaning rugs for 25 years. Whether it’s doormats, John Lewis rugs, or area rugs, we can clean them all! We have already made so many of your neighbours very happy with our cost effective services, so why not check out their five star reviews below: 

Would you like fabulous rug cleaning results at an affordable price? If so, then why not give Lowton Ironing Parlour a call today on 0784 7198 354 to find out more about this new and trusted rug cleaning service. 

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