What is the 4 step rug cleaning process?

We understand that getting your rug cleaned can be a daunting process and you want to have confidence that your rug will be in safe hands, so we want to be transparent with you and show you our clear steps for getting your rug cleaned with Local Rug Cleaner:

  1. You take your rug to your nearest Local Rug Cleaner drop off point. You can find your drop off point here.
  2. The shop attendant will measure, price and tag your rug for you, so you know how much the clean will cost and we know if you want any additional treatments, like a stain guard.
  3. The Local Rug Cleaner team will then collect your rug and take it to our rug spa facility where we will carefully and professionally clean and dry your rug so it comes out looking brand new!
  4. We will then return your freshly cleaned rug to your local drop off point ready for you to take it home.

This process will take only seven days to complete, so you can have your freshly cleaned rug back before you know it! Why not get in touch with your local drop off point to see how we can provide a quick and cost efficient rug cleaning service for you.

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